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The Wandering Planner


Wandering Planner...

I've heard this phrase many times before but I never really wondered what it meant until now.  

I can't be the only planner that jumps from planner to planner right?  In this planner community, new types of planners get the limelight and it all becomes one big hype.  We see every instagram account posting about this new planner, the Facebook groups are flooded with happy mail posts, and all the shops start releasing a ton of stickers made just for that planner.  The peer pressure and the FOMO really kicks in and you talk yourself into buying this new planner because you'll totally find planner peace.  

I've been in the planner community for the last 3-4 years, so I can think of a few planners became the next big thing until the next in planner came up.

    1. Erin Condren (Vertical, Horizontal and Hourly)
    2. TNs (Travelor's Notebooks)
    3. Passion Planners
    4. Rings (Kikki Ks, Filo Fax)
    5. Hobonichi Weeks 
    6. Bullet Journals

These are only a few of the planners that I've personally get popular real fast and then everyone was ready to move on to the next trend. 
So how does this relate to me? 

I've been a victim to some of these fads, but I've always been able to say "no, that's not for me, don't waste your money."  I can honestly say I've tried all of the planners listed above except the TNs.  TNs really require a lot of time and effort to make it both functional and pretty.  I ain't got time for that!
What worked and what didn't?

Honestly, the only planner that I've continually gone back to is the Erin Condren vertical planner.  I've tried the horizontal layout, and it didn't work out, I just plan better vertically. 

I also tried the Passion Planner, and I enjoyed the hourly layout for a little while until I realized working from home doesn't give me much to time block.  For someone who's a lot more busy with appointments and events, it could be very useful.  

I thought I would enjoy the rings planner because everyone boasts about the customization.  But like the TNs, it takes too much time and effort. I've tried to use my Kikki K rings many times but I always end up ditching it because I'm too lazy to print the inserts. 
So what does a wandering planner mean to me? 

Someone who has yet to find their planner peace, always moving from one planner to the next to figure out what will work for them.  I honestly feel like I'll forever be a wandering planner forever.  Not because I won't find planner peace, but because I like change.  I get bored easily and try new things to keep me excited.  Change is fun

Have you found your planner peace?  Are you a wandering planner?  What is your current planner now? 

As for me?  Well, I'm currently not even paper planning! haha >.<  I have been using Trello, and I absolutely love it! I can discuss more on how I use Trello in another post. 


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