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How I Lost EVERYTHING in a Second. 4 Years... GONE..


I made a brief explanation on my Instagram and in a newsletter about what happened a few weeks ago.  I wanted to go ahead and make a blog post in case others didn't get wind of what happened.

I, unfortunately, dropped my hard drive (which had no backup... I know silly me), and basically lost the last 4 years of my hard work.  Everything that had to do with My Pink Paperie was gone just like that.  

I did lots of research and my fiance Henry thought he could fix it.  Lots of people showed way they fixed their hard drive when the headpin was stuck on the disk.  He decided to open it up hoping it was an easy fix and save me money.  I was getting quotes of $1000-1500 to try to fix it with no guarantees.  Anyways, after he opened it, turns out it wasn't what we thought, The disks were making lots of crazy noise. 

I decided to take it into a repair shop to see if he could do anything.  Sadly, he told me the disks were severely damaged and there was nothing that could be recovered.  He doesn't know if it was damaged already from the drop and the pin scratching the disks every time I would plug it in to the computer; or if it was from us opening it up.  Either way, it was a choice I made, and I'm not too mad about it either.  

Henry was getting extremely frustrated with me because of my calm nature about the whole situation.  He was expecting me to be more frustrated that I lost all my files and had to start over.  But I figured there's no point in being negative about the situation, it would not help me in any way.  I just see it as a fresh start, time to rebrand.  It's like the nudge and push I needed since I've been wanting to change so many things in my store, but I didn't want to dedicate the time.  But now I have to so I might as well design things the way I want to!

There's always a positive side to things, and I'd rather not dwell on the negatives.  I'd rather cheers to new beginnings!

I'm excited to begin new designs and kits and do so many new things! I've already redesigned my weekly kits.  They are basically an essentials kit on 4 pages.  Here is an example of the first kit I designed in this template.  

I hope you love this design as much as I do.  It's really just the basics with a little bit of everything. 

What's to come?

I'm working on redesigning my script stickers.  They will also be available as foil options now!!  Which is so exciting since that wasn't possible before.   


Most of my stickers now are "ready to ship" since I only have whatever is left in my stock, all my listings are updated in inventory.  So once the sheets are sold out, they are gone forever!  Like I mentioned above, I plan on redesigning everything, out with the old and in with the new

So if you see anything you like, I urge to you grab it now while it's still available before it's gone forever!

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Until next time. <3



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